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Comb Gnomes

The Comb Gnomes serve Duchess RavenWaves and HairBall. They are mischievous enough, but also very lazy and can be counted upon to botch a job. Even so, they are able to use magic to create whatever the Duchess or HairBall requires, and can even do magical attacks that look like lightning.

The pink one is called Snags. She always talks in rhymes, much to HairBall's annoyance.

The purple one is called Tanglet and doesn't talk, but only grumbles.

The blue one is called Dullah or Dullard?


  • Snags to HairBall: "Our evil duties we'll never shirk. It's time for Comb Gnomes to go to work."
  • Snags to a group of Pixietails: "I'm the meanest Comb Gnome that's around. I'll bring all you Pixies down!"
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In Swedish, they were called Kam Troll. And for some reason which I recently noticed when watching the show in English is that the Comb Gnomes are female! In the Swedish version they are somehow male!

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According to episode "The Rally", the purple one is actually Tanglet, and the blue one has another name. Something like "Dulla" or "Bella", I couldn't understand the voice well enough.

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Thanks for pointing that out! I just watched the episode on YouTube and you're right. I just updated the info. Still not sure about the name of the blue Comb Gnome though.

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As in the comics the comb gnomes are indeed referred to as "Speldekrulletjes" it was not a consitent translation:
In the Dutch/French (bilangual) Panini album (stories and stickers) the comb gnomes are referred to as:

Comb gnomes: Twisttrollen, which translates into "quarrel trolls", quite fitting I believe.
Purple comb gnome: Grom (means growl)
Pink comb gnome: Sisser (means hisser)

Comb gnomes: Tiflutins
Purple comb gnome: Aspic
Pink comb gnome: Perfide
I'm not french and don't trust my french skills or online translations enough to translate names, so I'll leave that to someone French.

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The pink one is called Snags. She always talks in rhymes - which Hairball hates.

The blue one is called Dulla. He can imitate voices and does it to confuse lady and friends

The purple one is called Tanglet, they are rumored to actually be female. Tanglet cannot talk, but grumbles instead.

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How about if I call the purple one "Frizzy" for instance?

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Just to clarify the fact that Snags, the pink comb gnome IS the female... I found this video on youtube. If you watch and listen from 2.00 mins until 2.05 mins.. Lady Lovely Locks says to the pixie tails: "This comb gnome doesn't know when she's not welcome!" As Snags clings to her hair.

Just came across this site and love it!~ and wanted to help. LLL has and always will hold my fondest childhood memories Smiling I only wish I knew where my tapes were! I had at least 5!

Love and fandom always xox

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The pink one is Snags.
The purple one is Tanglet (the supposed female).
The blue, apparently, is Dulla, the mysterious named Comb Gnome.

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If you look in several episodes it's Snags that is a girl, the purple ones voice is to low for a female any way.

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who started that rumor anyway? Maybe they were thinking about the pink one. unless they are all girls. I think I remeber one episode raven waves was hinting that.

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