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Prince StrongHeart

Prince StrongHeart has been cursed to spend most of his time as a dog. During the birth of the full moon he temporarily regains his human form. His wish is to break his curse and tell Lady LovelyLocks that he loves her.


Prince is the dog form of Prince StrongHeart. He lives with ShiningGlory, but often goes to visit his friends at LovelyLocks Castle and dig in the royal gardens.

In the marvel comic, Prince StrongHeart is cursed by an evil sorcerer who got in a fit of anger from hearing StrongHeart's flute. As a dog, StrongHeart couldn't return home, so he started wandering until he met ShiningGlory, who saw through his crystal ball that the dog was in fact human.


[When a team-up with Pixiebeauty to rescue Lady LovelyLocks coincides with the birth of the full moon, Prince suddenly turns into StrongHeart.]
Pixiebeauty: "Who-ix are-ix you-ix? Where-ix is Prince?"
StrongHeart: "Hush, Pixiebeauty. I'm StrongHeart. I'm here to help you. But you must promise never to tell anyone about me, especially Lady LovelyLocks."
Pixiebeauty: "I promise-ix."
StrongHeart: "Good! Let's find her!"

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Didn't the curse ever get broken in any of the storylines?

I have just watched close to all the animated episodes, inlcuding the last one (To take a castle or something like that), expecting that SOMEWHEN that damn spell must get broken... I hate such sad "endings" (as I've understanded, there should have been made more episodes?), so I really would like to know if anyone know anything from the comics and that stuff?

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I feel the same way--I want to know how StrongHeart's curse is broken. I believe the German audiobooks explain how his curse is lifted and have Lady Lovely Locks and him get married? There are transcripts on this site under "stories." So exciting! Smiling

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i just read that germany released some audio tapes after the animated series ended. they continued the series and explained that princes' curse was broken, him and lady get married and have a child. duchess raven waves kidnaps the child, but she/he is rescued. i never knew this. it made me happy, lol

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