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Policy on homemade merchandise

By Webmistress - Posted on 04 August 2005

Just wanted to say I'm not a supporter of homemade merchandise. I've seen quite a few of those on eBay and I wanted to make it clear that such a thing is really not allowed!

Homemade merchandise is fine for personal use, but Lady LovelyLocks and the Pixietails images are copyrighted material and are not to be used to stick on items to sell!

Furthermore, I've even seen merchandise featuring images I've created specially for this website, which is not very nice. I've put a lot of effort into creating this website and its graphics for fan purposes only! It is not nice to take my work and make a profit out of it!

I will only condone homemade merchandise for TRADE only. Please take note of that if you plan on using this forum.

Thank you!

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I find myself entering another grey area though, when wanting items like small LLL puzzles made in say 1:6 scale for a doll.. yet, it's not creating an exact copy of existing human sized merchandise or creating new human sized merchandise, but the creator would use copyrighted stuff when making it ('cause I would not have the proper tools or gadgets for it, if I want a tiiiny puzzle that is possible to lay). But at the same time, I think the copyright holder will gain from it all in the end, as very special PR thing one could say.

What is your and everyone else's opinion on that?

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I have a LLL tray it is authentic and authorized .I am not a collector.I would like more info. on this item

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I assume you mean this tray. What kind of info are you looking for, since you already have the item?

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