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ShiningGlory is a blind elderly sorcerer, who lives in Glory Manor not far from LovelyLocks Castle. He gives advice, provides magical aid, and most of all he is the confidant of the tragically cursed Prince StrongHeart.


  • After using magic to free himself from Snags' net: "How foolish of you to believe so simple a trick can defeat a wizard."
  • To Prince StrongHeart: "Remember, tonight is the birth of the full moon. For a fleeting moment Lady may see your true reflection."
Tilly's picture

In the Dutch/French stickerbook from Panini his Dutch name is Schitterling. His French name in the same book is Brillantin.

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His name is Velho Valonilo in Finnish. ^^

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How can he see in his crystal ball if he's blind?

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He's only blind outside of the crystal ball. Eye-wink That's only in the cartoon though, he usually doesn't seem to be blind in the storybooks and comics. Cool

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Well, he certainly isn't blind in the audio play! Smiling Easily exhaused, yes, but most definitly not blind.
But I wonder why they changed it so much in the comics, books and so on... But then it might be the cartoon itself. It's a bit contradictory in itself that ShiningGlory should have a away around his beeing blind.....

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