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Silkypup is the fluffy, loyal companion of Lady LovelyLocks. Everyone in the castle adores her because she is good to everyone, but Silkypup loves her mistress most of all. Silkypup is the most helpful and loyal friend you can imagine.

Silkypup is a descendant from an ancient and distinguished pedigree, so she considers it her duty to protect the girls and the pixietails against any kind of danger. The pixietails are special friends and they love to comb and style Silkypup's long, glossy hair.


  • Silkypup has a secret crush on ShiningGlory's dog Prince.
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Her name is Silkkiturkki in Finnish.

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I have a pillow that I have had since I was very young and It has the lady lovely locks label on the foot. I had no idea who or what lady lovely locks was, but I think the pillow is actually of this dog silky pup? I was just trying to find another on ebay but unfortunately couldn't find one. Does anyone know if this character was made as a pillow at one time??

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If you want to be sure, maybe you could post a pic? It could also be a nice addition to the merchandise gallery.

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DO you have a picture of it? I have one which is in pretty good shape if you still need a picture Eye-wink

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I would almost be embarrassed to post a pic...I have slept with this pillow since I was a child and its not in the best of condition lol I was just curious about it and thought I would do a little research. I'm thinking that the pillow must be of silver pup and I would like to see another like it..

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I read this and had to laugh. I have this pillow!! I've had it since I was a little girl. I STILL have it and actually sleep with it everynight. Its been with me through sickness, slumber parties, outside to play, hospital stays, name it!! My parents have tried throwing it away for years and i've always dug it out of the trash and washed it. Im 30 years old now and I have a daughter who is 7. She loves my pillow and when she's sick she likes to cuddle with it Smiling I just actually posted a picture her with my pillow on FB (she's getting over the flu) and my mom saw the picture and couldn't believe I STILL have it. lol....Its been stitched up, lost its ears in a pillow fight years ago!! I wish I could find another one!!! Of course not to replace the one I have but to give to my daughter Smiling

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OMG! I've been puzzled by the real name of my favorite pink pillow. I don't think I ever saw the show or at least do not remember, but that pillow has moved with me from one country to another. It still in pretty good condition despite being washed for over twenty something years....that is if my parents still have it. I remember one of my friends had the princess pillow case and the purple character in pillow version as well ( I doubt that one still exists). We need toys r us to make a revival of this pillow. Thank you guys for getting me out of doubt if it was a dog or a squirrel lol!

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I`m from Germany and i'm shure that his name is Schmuseputz

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Since I'm german as well, I have to agree here.
So I disagree with the spelling though... it's 'Schmusebutz' acording to the Comics.

Greetings, by the way Jula, if you like, contact me, please!

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