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Doll comparisons!

By Inkasusanna - Posted on 13 June 2017

Hi all!
I've been trying to find nice photos of different era LLL dolls side by side showing the differences. I mean for example an original Maiden Fairhair, Enchanted Island Maiden Fairhair and Ballerina Fairhair, all in a same picture. My own "collection" does not grant me this comparison yet, so I was wondering if people who have greater collections would be happy to share these kinds of pictures.

Thank you in advance!

Mira's picture

Hi there!

Now that is a very nice idea
for a comparison. I'd love
to see this illustrated as
well, or simply a digital
paper doll version Smiling

Have you seen..
The Kingdom of Lovely Locks group on flickr?

Maybe you can ask there about comparison shots,
since no one has responded here?

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