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NEW Lady LovelyLocks Wiki

By tia546 - Posted on 13 May 2016

Hello all,

I have recently started to embed a LLL section into the Mylittlewiki.
While that wiki mainly is a ressource for My Little Pony collectors, it also has other toylines implemented in it already. It is created by the collectors community according to the needs as collectors and distinguishes itself from other pages by aiming for detailed high quality pictures with neutral background, good structure and lots of links. It is designed to help with item ID but also to provide some background information on the different releases.

So here's the matter, I am currently working on the structures and have made and added a few pictures already, but for pictures I am limited to what I have in my collection.
There's still many pixietails missing, many items of the Enchanted Island wave, pictures of MIB items, backcards, playsets and playset parts, and so on. I am aiming for having a picture of every single accessory part, like we have for the My Little Pony part of the wiki, because this is something the LLL collectors resources are missing up to now.

Please have a look at the main page, the pixietails page and those of the main characters, so you'll get a better idea of what I would like to create with you.
I am inviting you to contact the wiki's site admin with your email and the account name you'd like, in order to register as an editor and then help creating the LLL wiki. Any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Main page:
Pixietails page:
Lady LovelyLocks:
Maiden FairHair:
Maiden CurlyCrown:

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If you still need help, I'd love to. I have all dolls MIB (except for EI Curlycrown), most loose as well, all playsets MIB or bought MIB and have lots of merchandise too.

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I have some itemes u dont have. Facebook is the best way to get in Contact with me. Rebecka Tano

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What a great job you have done!
Iam also a collector but I am also missing a couple of things..
Maybe I have some of the items so we can get the pictures up?
I live in Sweden.... heres a link to some of my collection... i have found more since I took the pictures.... I have a album on FB search for beckazin

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Doh, I remember to login here and see
there are actually new posts...

Cool with a Wiki! Smiling
(I tried installing Wiki software some time
ago for something else, but I had no patience
for trying to keep up with updates of the
software.. :/)

So it's a-ok to add LLL stuff to what is
originally an MLP Wiki? I'm guessing it
won't be possible to add any LLL themed
Wiki logo then.. unless perhaps one can
create a subsection to the Wiki, somehow?

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Yes, it was ok to put the LLL wiki pages into a My Little Pony-wiki. The admin was actually delighted over the idea, there's also already Fairytail Birds on there. Smiling
For the subsections I don't know, could ask the admin when I write her again.

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Sort of similar to how Wikipedia has
sections like WikiSource etc, only that
it'd really just be about another fandom Smiling

Please let us know if it is possible!
At least I would love to see ideas for an
LLL Wiki logo.

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