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Plastic mug or tumbler

By BrightEyes - Posted on 19 April 2016

Please help I desperately need a plastic mode or Tumblr do you have any idea where I can find any of these thanks in advance

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I need the mug or Tumbler does anyone have any ideas where I can find one

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I don't think they ever made one that wasn't plastic or for kids. You could use one of those custom mug companies where you give them a picture and they print it on the mug for you, I bet. Smiling

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Thank you that's a great idea to give as a gift but what I'm really wanting IS the plastic tumbler mug my sister's dog chewed both of them she is now in her thirties so I'm trying to find her the white plastic with the pictures on them in the tumbler and Mug but that is a great idea to get the picture transferred to a mug she can have it her desk or a pencil holder thank you

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