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What do you love about LLL? REBOOT questions

By alexiegalaxie - Posted on 01 March 2016

Hello! I'm a new fan to LLL, and I've just fallen in love with it! Smiling

I'm really interesting in the following questions from other fans!

If there was to be a reboot or re-imagining of LLL,

what would you hope would stay the same?

What would you like to see change/be updated?

Favourite characters/what you like about them?

Anything you'd like to see explored further in the universe?

I'm trying to figure out what makes up the identity of LLL, and what has made it stick with people, I'd like your opinions and thoughts!


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My New Year's resolution is to see what I can do about this. And trust me, if I'm involved I will honor every single element of the original LLL.

I thought some here might be interested to see what I've been up to lately, so here's a link to my website:

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First we will start with the most obvious reason.. Not too many people much less kids of today know about or care about the fact there was a cartoon series named Lady Lovely Locks and without new exposure.. It could end up being totally forgotten and while having new DVDS don't hurt...They do not help because most newbies would look at the way the story was told and they would only see the many holes in the story as well as some of the more questionable parts of the story and I'm not even counting all the books and other stuff that were lost and/or forgotten.. Also the hyper cuteness is not something most people are into these days.. I'm not saying it cannot be cute but I've seen people mock the series for it's over hyper girly look...

Now we go to the cartoon.. First up.. Rave Waves is not a good villain and I'm not saying that because she's a girl though it didn't help in this case.... Don't get me wrong...I love Raven Waves as she's more my type than LLL is with her dark hair and love of darker clothes/etc but as a villain she just didn't work for me.. She didn't have any real magic of her own when she should've... She didn't have any real plans outside of cutting hair and taking over and most certainly had no future plans or have any decent hobbies,etc, Heck I never even seen her eat!!! But the worst part is she didn't have any real history... Which is why whenever I saw her I thought..She should've been the slightly questionable family member of one of the girls. I think Curly Top would be best choice based on their hair colors..

A better villain would've been the one who cursed Prince and it would make more sense if it been some family member of Prince out to take over LLL's kingdom and unite the two different kingdom and he or she had to curse Prince so he couldn't marry LLL and resulting in the Prince uniting the two kingdoms instead of it being themselves... It would explain that curse far better to boot..

Speaking of Prince.. There's another reason.. No real reason for that curse.. Nope.. He's just cursed.. Never mind by who or why.. He can't be with LLL because of it?? I'm fine with that as long as there's some kind of happy end for everyone but the bad guy's' ... But not have a realistic reason for someone wanting to curse him? Now I have a problem with Prince having that curse..

Now we get to LLL herself.. Where is her family? Why were they never named/etc... Why didn't the kingdom have a better more realistic name?? Who is Shining Glory for that matter? Where is the history here? Where is the magic that Raven Waves was supposed to be after?? After one unrealistic reason for a storm..We get nothing that really stood out in my mind as magical kingdom deal.. Sure we get Shining Glory and hairball but that was pretty much it.. It was one of the reasons I had to question Raven Waves real motives.. I swear there were times I thought she was more after LLL herself and was not after her hair.. That is why if they keep Raven Waves as the bad guy that I see better reason for motive.. in other words magical hair.... Though if they were really smart they'd use my idea for bad guy and let Raven Waves be the annoying pest in LLL's castle...

Now we get to the last one.. Adding depth.. Or should I say make me feel invested in the fates of the rebooted characters of LLL?? I never felt that enough in the old series.. Make me want this reboot more than the old story.. That is the most important reason why this is a good idea.. Because I want to care but the old one..There just wasn't enough of it.. ..

I would add the others but I think I made enough points for rebooting the series.. It makes sense to reboot it.. But I do wonder...CG or classic toon look? Let's face it... It would not look like the old one for sure..

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I agree, a reboot is definitely needed, if done right, not like all the cruddy reboots out there. I'm currently working on a LLL fanfiction trilogy that'll expand the story universe, ad more depth and fill in a lot of plot holes. It'll definitely give a better backstory for Strongheart and Shining Glory, as well as some new, more villainous villains. Duchess Ravenwaves will be in the story and her character will receive closure, but she won't be the main villain.

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If it did have a reboot, I would want it to be mostly the same but with more in depth stories. I love the art style and I would love for it to be the same with a bit more polish. I know it's pretty much impossible to not want to use cheap looking CGI these days, but if it has to be digital, make it look as hand drawn as possible.

I would also like it to have a more consistent story line, the original seemed to just have scattered episodes just for promoting the product. If it had a story like the coloring books, with a plot about her restoring her fallen kingdom bit by bit, it could have some real potential. I'd like to see the world explored more too. I like how they actually got creative with making a fantasy world rather than just a typical medieval setting. Oh, and finish with a happy ending with Prince's identity revealed!

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I don't like the idea of a reboot. It would be like the remake of strawberry shortcake, it kept its original premise but lost something in modernisation.

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I agree. I wouldn't look forward to a remake, many of them don't keep the intention of the original show and just use the IP for brand recognition. I really doubt the sincerity of LLL would be kept, which for me is a huge part of its charm.

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I have to say, I am very sceptical. Look what they make of classics these days. Do we want that - really?
Also, I have to say, sice I grew up with the Tapes (Audio Play), that is my Bible where it comes to LLL. I've watched part of the cartoon - and after what those guys did with the play, it falls rather flat. I was quite a bit disapointed.
If the cartoon got a reboot, I'd like to take it a leafe out of the play. And to keep to the original artwork. I always loved those.

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I never saw the cartoons until I was an adult,
I mostly read a few comics and so. So I really
like the old illustrations by Maria Gamiere,
they have a certain carefree childishness to them.
And yes, the pixietails are soooo adorable too Eye-wink

The one thing that does bug me with the old
illustrations however, is that the girls were
so thin-waisted.

So if a reboot, it better not be a LLL-ified
Winx edition... and maybe it is better with a
later teenage years edition, rather than a
complete reboot?

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The official Lady LovelyLocks reboot could be on Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon or Nick Junior (along with her older cartoon counterpart). There is no word yet if Disney/Buena Vista, HiT Entertainment (through Mattel) or Viacom International acquires the trademark to the classic cartoon and licenses it to FUNimation Productions, The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company or Orion Pictures Corporation (through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios).

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Interesting! We're keeping our fingers crossed Smiling

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