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Ticket to Ride Game.. LLL version?

By Mira - Posted on 12 November 2015

I just played the board game Ticket to Ride with
my sister, daughter and niece the other day.
It first appears easy, but there is some strategy
behind it too Eye-wink

Here is Wikipedia's info page about the game:

There are already a few different regional
versions of it, but maybe it could also be LLL-ified? Smiling
ie, one travels the Kingdom of Lovely Locks..

..and instead of (differently coloured)trains,
what cards might one gather to symbolise movement?
In the original game, one needs trains of the right
colour to form a complete row between the destinations
one is to travel.

Flowers, for different parts of the mainland?
Seashells, for the Enchanted Island?
Trees, for a/the forest?

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