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German DVD

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I just received this DVD set in the mail, here are some screenshots for those interested:

It's a nice set, it opens like a book and feels well made. I've only gone through the first DVD, but so far the only issue with video quality is the very occasional flash of video noise/spots. Here's an example:

Overall, for how old this show is, I feel like the quality is very good. I live in the USA and the DVD can be played on my computer using VLC player to bypass the region issue.

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It contains german and english audio, the video material is 1:1 the original english version but in PAL format (slightly faster).

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Thanks for sharing that info! I hope the image quality is better than the Biggest Ever DVD, which has a glitchy bar at the bottom of the screen, but I have to say at this point I would be more than happy just to be able to watch all the episodes. Laughing out loud

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As far as the video quality goes, here is the official DVD trailer from the publisher:

That's about the quality you can expect from the DVD's,without the low YouTube compression of course.
The DVD Box also contains a booklet with character descriptions and episode guides (all in German though)

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