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Youtube episodes were taken down :(

By Sera - Posted on 14 October 2015

It seems most of the episodes of Lady Lovely Locks on Youtube were taken down this week. Does anyone know where I can watch the show? Puzzled

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I finally figured out how to rip my LLL dvd! Sadly I don't have the complete series, but something is better than nothing! You are welcome to watch the episodes on

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Wow, that's great! Thank you so much for posting those. Laughing out loud

Hopefully the rumor that there will be an official release sometime is true.

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You're very welcome! In hindsight it looks like they may have taken the LLL videos down on YouTube because of the upcoming German DVD set, but I think I'll keep my videos online at least until LLL gets a proper US/international release. Smiling

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What a disaster! Sad I knew I should have downloaded those videos when I had the chance! Sadly I don't have an answer to your question. YouTube was the place to be.

Strange that the copyright owner is named [Merlin] Good To Go Music. I don't even know who/what that's supposed to be. Does anyone have any idea? Puzzled I'd love to be able to contact this person and ask them why the LLL videos had to be taken down. It's not like they were hurting anyone's sales, or perhaps this means some form of commercial release is coming up. One can only hope...

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I found a single link that mentions Good to Go. It seems like this has happened to other videos:!topic/youtube/Up7u2Hs0_Ac

Episode 3, 10, and 12 are still up. Maybe nannernanner could try putting the rest back up so you could download them before they get taken down.

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Good find! Thanks for sharing that bit of insight! I guess this means Good To Go Music must be doing this on behalf of American Greetings. Not to jinx other cartoons, but so far this only seems to have happened to LLL. I just keep wondering why and why now...

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