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No Ballerina CurlyCrown?

By Webmistress - Posted on 03 October 2015

I was just going through the booklets and it struck me that there isn't a Maiden CurlyCrown doll for the Flower Ball series. Also, I don't remember having had one. Did I miss anything or was there really no Ballerina Maiden CurlyCrown?

It seems so odd to have left her out! I understand why there's no Ballerina Duchess RavenWaves, but CurlyCrown should be going to the party! Even Maiden GoldenWaves is going... Sad

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It IS weird, maybe they had plans but then other plans were prioritized or something?
Would be interesting if we had someone who could provide us with some behind the scenes gossip!

Because she's not even included in any alternative clothing either for that doll line, hmm. And Maiden GoldenWaves almost seems randomly added, with how she's not featured in the backside illustration, but Maiden CurlyCrown is?

It is funny though, in contrast how Maiden MistyCurls appears to have been added as an afterthought to the Enchanted Island series (she's not in the booklet either?). And I still wish there were some Asian dolls!

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Yeah, poor CurlyCrown! Perhaps we should have a fan fashion design contest: design a dress for Ballerina CurlyCrown! Eye-wink (And perhaps Maiden GoldenWaves and MistyCurls too, since they only have their Enchanted Island dress.)

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