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Silkymane is the graceful, young horse who carries Lady LovelyLocks throughout her lovely land. She is a descendant from an ancient and distinguished pedigree and with her long manes and silky tail she looks enchanting when she gallops through the kingdom's fields.

Silkymane adores Lady LovelyLocks and the feeling is mutual. To Lady LovelyLocks, Silkymane is the dearest friend any princess could wish for.


  • In the comic Silkymane is given to Lady LovelyLocks as a gift from a Prince who she once helped.

Other horses

Maiden FairHair and CurlyCrown also have horses, but they are not seen very often:

Portrait Portrait

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Silkymane's name is in Finnish Silkkiharja. Maiden FairHair's horse is so pretty!

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In my LLL booklet it is actually the purple horse that always seems to be pointed out as Silkymane. I've never seen the white horse with pink manes before!

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In the book that I have the purple horse is always shown as well. I also had the purple horse figure growing up.

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I had a Silkymane toy (might still have it hidden somewhere). It was purple. I don't even remember how many times I had to tape the legs together, as I played rough with it, but I loved that horse!

Maiden PixieCut's picture

I think Maiden FairHair's horse is the prettiest...too bad we don't know get to know its name.

Lady Cryssa Crystalshine's picture

Curlycrown's horse must be misrable, I mean seriously, it looks like someone stuffed it in a dryer and left it in there to long. Then took it out and rubbed it with a balloon, then didn't wash it's hair for a week.

Either that or stuffed it's mane with dyed orange cotton balls. Just kidding, I love Maiden Curlycrown!

"Shimmering Crystals Abound, Our Duchess shall one day rule!"

"Shimmering Crystals Abound, Our Duchess shall one day rule!"

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I remember having a silkymane doll. I also remember my sister broke his little horse feet off and cut his hair all off but i remember having him for at least a week.

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Eye-wink They should of made dolls for them! That would of been so coll!!

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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I'm from Finland and I'm pretty sure I had those horses. Or at least I had a white horse with purple hair (i think) and orange horse with orange hair and they are exactly like the Silkymane doll. I don't think they could belong to any other series than Lady LovelyLocks, because they are too small for Barbies for example (the LLL doll has the same facemold as Skipper, that's why I thought of Barbie first).

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In the german audio play the Ladys horse is usually revered to as 'Silbermäne' ->translated 'Silvermane' in english. Wird! Since the comics and the animated serie have the horse called 'Wallemäne'....

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