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Pixietails are friendly little magical creatures that have the bodies of various animals, but with very long tails. They come in all colors of the rainbow and are about the same size regardless of which animal body they have.

Not only the bird pixietails, but all pixietails can fly. Sometimes the bunny pixietails will flap their ears as they hover in the air.

In the cartoon the pixietails talk with "ix" appended to the almost every word, and they take care of practically everything from putting up party decorations to defending the castle.

Lady LovelyLocks' pixietails have the bodies of bunnies. The purple one is called Pixiebeauty, the pink one is called Pixiesparkle, and the blue one is called Pixieshine.

Maiden FairHair's pixietails look like chipmunks and are known as the Wavy Pixietails. Maiden CurlyCrown's pixietails look like birds and are known as the Curly Pixietails.

The pixietails that live on the Enchanted Island are known as Sea Magic Pixietails, and they can have the bodies of fish, turtles, seahorses, ducks, ferrets/minks or snails. Their tails have shorter curls combined with longer waves (sometimes in a different color).

The Flower Ball series has pixietails that look like butterflies. Sparkle Pretty Lady LovelyLocks' butterfly pixietails also have glittering strands of hair.


  • Pixiebeauty is one of the few who knows Prince StrongHeart's secret.
  • Pixietails live in Pixietail Park.
  • Once each century the Pixietails must journey through the Parched Dessert to Pixietail Peak. This is known as the Hundred Year Pilgrimage, during which time they are unable to use their magical powers.


  • After being summoned by Lady LovelyLocks: "Here-ix we are-ix!"

Also thanks to Angelkomeko, Else Fjäsne and the contributors in the comment section!

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In my panini album (Dutch / French with stories from the series with screan captures stickers and character studies with stickers) the pixietails are all pictured with their name next to it. I don't know if they're named the same in the series though:

Lady Lovely Locks' bunnies (French/Duch, Dutch name translated):
blue: Minibelle / Toverschoon, magic clean
pink: Mini Etincelle / Toverlicht, magic light
purple: Miniblouie / Toverstraal, magic beam

Silkymane's bunnies:
peach: Mininuage / Toverwolk, magic cloud
blue: Miniclair / Toverster, magic star
pink: Minijolie / Toverkoosje, magic little petting or magic little cherish
green: Minileste / Toverpijl, magic arrow
yellow: Minilueur / Toverglans, magic gloss

Silkypup's birds:
yellow: Minipapillon / Toverpluisje, magic little fluff
purple: Minipage / Toverslag, magic stroke
blue: Minibond / Toverveer, magic feather

Maiden Curlycrown's birds:
blue: Minifleur / Tovertoet, magic "cute word for face"
yellow with pink tail: Miniboucle / Toverkuif, magic hair puff (something like Elvis' hairdo)
yellow with yellow tail: Minibouton / Tovernop, ?

Maiden Fairhair's chipmunks:
purple: Minitouffe / Toversnoes, magic hun (some specific cute name, not really translateable)
blue: Miniflocon / Tovervlokje, magic flake
pink: Minimèche / Toverwind, magic wind

I hope you like it Smiling

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Enchanted island has snails as wel. i saw a duck but never seen any ferrets/ minks. Does any one have some pictures of both spiecies?

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In Finnish they are called as Keijuhännät. ^^

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Does any one know the names of maiden fair hair and curly crown's pixie tails?

*~Here if any one needs help~*

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Maiden FairHair Pixietails-

Maiden CurlyCrown Pixietails-

Do not steal this image.

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Is one of the names Pixie-Poo? (I saw that in a coloring book page someone on E-bay scanned.)

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Hello! What do you mean by the flower ball series? I thought there was only 20 episodes made?...

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For the Flower Ball series, click the below link to view images from a booklet, listing dolls and more included:

- Flower Ball

I've yet to see full episodes of the LLL cartoons myself, but I believe it's a reference to that series of produced LLL things, not cartoon stuff. Manon, can you verify?

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Just a little fun facts;

I just watched our swedish tapes of LLL and discovered that Ladys pixies names are quite different from the original names.
It is as following; Glitterpixie(shimmerpixie?), Gnisterpixie (sparklepixie) and Bubbelpixie(Bubblepixie).

Also in the episode "The discovery" she called one of the pixies for "Lockpixie" (Curlpixie)....

And in another episode when in a fight with Ravenwaves a birdpixie (problably Curlycrowns) saves her from a Ravenwaves scissor Lady calls the pixie by a name, it's hard to hear exact what she says, but I think she says Hysspixie as in "Prankpixie"...

It looks like almost every country has their own names so it sounds good...

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In Swedish the Pixietails are called Pixiesvansar Smiling

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