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Happy New Year!

By Mira - Posted on 02 January 2015

Wishing You All a Lovely New Year! Smiling

Any wallpaper or other image or info requests btw?

I was just thinking it must be cool to LLL-ify ones smartphone..
but I've yet to decide for one, so I'd rather help others out Laughing out loud
Unsure how customiseable icons etc are, but if possible
it would be neat with a flower bud for no new messages etc,
and one in bloom if so.. or simply flowers or pixies and stuff.
Backgrounds should be fairly easy, once I know model
and resolution for the display.

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To all from me too Eye-wink

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A belated Happy New Year to everyone from me as well!

A LLL smartphone theme sounds really cool to me, Mira! If you need someone to test things out, I have an Xperia Ray with a 480 x 854 resolution. Eye-wink

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Happy New Year! Laughing out loud

And this is a bit creepy almost, I was just about to post
examples of LLL-y mobile backgrounds and obviously had
forgotten my first post.. Eye-wink

Alrighty, will get started and see how it goes Smiling

EDIT: Should Desktop goodies then also feature the section Mobile goodies, or similar?

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