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App-reciating the future of LLL things?

By Mira - Posted on 19 April 2014

This is mostly aimed at Jack and others, who might actually be
able to pull some strings in regards of new merchandise
and what not, and those that want to brainstorm in general Smiling

We fans have already briefly talked about remakes of existing LLL
games and so like here, and then seeing images like this of
the Panini Sticker album.. this is sort of a mix of all that,
mixing old and new, into something old and new! what are the chances of seeing an LLL activity book,
possibly even an app with virtual content in the future?

I imagine the puzzles could be made into virtual puzzles
of varying difficulty, basically the younger the kids, the less
number of pieces, perhaps?

Then of course.. the virtual sticker album itself.. maybe as one
completes quests, or puzzles etc.. one could earn "stickers"?
And the possibility to mix content from comics and videos into
quests somehow? And not have to take things in a specific
order depending on setup as well. More make things theme oriented?
Possibly even make it into three "paths" at the very beginning,
to try and sort by age/difficulty.. well that, or try to make
different levels of quests that need completing.

Because I'd want there to be some kind of mystery element, not
just the plain ol' oh-look-how-cute-this-can-be-made-in-pink, aimed for

And I for one would prefer if it was an app one had to purchase
(for ones children) but then of course would be ads free.
That is my personal opinion though. The laws on ads for children's
tv shows etc are different in Sweden compared to many other countries,
so of course the tv channels get around it by having the programs
air from a different country.. thus ads are shown. I think they are
something children should not be subjected to. They will have
enough of them when older and hopefully wiser but none the less
equally annoyed by them. Unless of course possible to make
a free app/game without ads, but that's rather unusual for the more
ambitious projects..

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Hello! It's Kita.

I've read this blog and I totally agree on your thoughts about the some new merchandise and a 21st century LLL being a unique show with a mystery element/not just your average pink girly show. (:

Also, I've forgot to mention to everyone about an e-mail that I had sent about a couple of months ago. I wanted to share some ideas/info to American Greetings/AG Brands for my new LLL/PR (Peppermint Rose) project and their respective anniversaries. Hopefully, this will be legit!

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Kita, that email about ideas sounds promising!
*keeps fingers crossed*

I've just shuddered over the new versions of Winx on tv.. ie, even more spaghetti looking type of (alien anatomy of) girls, and the earlier version was pretty bad 0_o

So I really hope any LLL relaunch will be done better!
Sometimes I can find some LLL illustrations to be just bordering on having way too narrow waistlines, but as long as they don't ahem Winx it..

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Yeah, it's kinda annoying seeing "super-skinny" magical girls (this is coming from a petite woman, like myself). But, don't worry. The new LLL/Peppermint Rose won't be "Winxed". Instead, there will be a new leader/hair-ione named Astrid/Lady Angel Hair who is "chubby cute".

And on the plus side, I'm wishing and hoping to get Tatsunoko, Kyoto Animation, and Animation Do will help me animate the arcs for both LLL/Peppermint Rose remakes.

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Oops! Sticking out tongue I meant to say that I'm wishing and hoping that I can get Tatsunoko, Kyoto Animation/Animation Do, (as a collaboration) to help me animate the LLL/Peppermint Rose arcs for both remakes.

Sorry about the typo from my other reply. ^-^;


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*nodsnods and remains keeping fingers and toes crossed* Eye-wink

I must admit I've never been in much contact with Peppermint Rose stuff.
Yet from what I have seen recently, they seem to thankfully be
on the more enjoyable childish fun side of dolls and things.

btw, you can edit your own comments, if you're logged in.. Smiling

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