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Engraved LLL logo

By Thowra - Posted on 19 January 2014

I would like create a engraved LLL image.
Can anyone give one LLL logo picture (sample: lovely-logo.gif)?
I would like a good quality, big image.
Thanks in advance.

engrav.jpg40.53 KB
lovely-logo.gif25.51 KB
original.JPG89.31 KB
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Nice work Smiling
Is it for a present?

Just how large is good quality for you?
Would a height of 3000 pixels be enough?
(although I guess DPI is more relevant, but then it gets too mathsy for me..)

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Can you send a picture to my email?

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Yes, it's the present.
I think enough of the 3000th
I would like to do a test.

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Ok, I'll try and find a scan, or re-do one one for you!

You haven't written out your email somewhere though,
but it might be easier if I simply upload the file somewhere and link to it Smiling

Thowra's picture

Okay, please upload it.

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I'm so sorry for taking so long time to find and upload this!

However, I just realised.. since this is an engraving and not a print, and you just
need the contours. You could simply try upscaling the size of the logo image
you have and mark those contours. Or have you already tried this? Smiling

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I tried resizeing the image but quality is not good Sad .
I find low quality and low resolution image.
The ideal image good quality (relative good) and big.
I can convert vector image.
Can you upload image?

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Once again, my apologies for the delay!

This is a 600 dpi scan with the dimensions 3030x1887px of the logo in black and white
(from the instructional sheet for the Seek and Peek game)
that I have edited a little bit, since some curves were odd etc and keep I tried adding
some black in the a in "and", but "pixietails" still have an a that has a sort of unfilled look,
so you can decide which you like most.


Or would you rather have a colourful one, to get more of the hair locks visible?
I thought this kind would be easier for you to use though Smiling

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Thanks for the picture.
The resolution is good ..
I created a vector image of the picture but don't can upload Sad .
Can you upload one colorful picture?

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Again sorry for the wait. Scanner was not cooperative at first! Grr.
Both of these are 1975x1258px, I hope that is enough.
Was originally scanned at 600 dpi and cropped a little bit.
I suspect due to preview being of the entire A4-area, and not just
the cropped area, they are slightly smaller than previous scan.
Please let me know if you need a higher resolution!

First version is just very roughly edited.

Second version I enhanced the colours a bit, making the hair locks and so stand out more.

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I edited little bit and I inverted a colors.

I will try to highlight more details.
This is the first engraved logo.

This is first test, I try anything else material.
Thank you for your help and original image.

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Oh, that looks good. Can't wait to see the final result! Smiling
What material was the test material, and what will you use later?

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Thanks for the pictures, they will be good Smiling .
If the engraving done, I upload picture.

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