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Selling my collection

By Guest - Posted on 10 January 2014

I love my LLLs but I think is time to part ways. I have everything that is not from enchanted island. The castle, tree, dolls, silkymane, etc. they are not in boxes but have been well kept and have all parts and pixietails. Is anyone interested or can anyone suggest an overall price for the entire collection? Thank you!

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Is this still available?

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Do you have the cup or plastic tumbler? Where can I see a list of what you do have for sale please my email address is BrightEyesInTennesee@

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Hi interested!! I'm in Holland, hope to hear.

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I am Interested please send me an Email:

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Hi! I am interested in buying something from cats and butterfly Pixietails !
Do you have something left? Let me know at

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Hi! I sent you an email for a Lady Lovely Locks item I'm interested to buy if you have Smiling

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The comment you replied to was originally posted in another person's thread. The comment has its own thread now, but I'm afraid the OP won't have received your email.

OP, if you're reading this, your contact info is missing. If you prefer not to post your email address in the forum, you could consider registering for an account and give others the option to message you that way. (If you have OpenID you could also use that to login to this site.)

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Hello there!
Sorry to hear you have to part with your LLL things, but maybe they will make someone else very happy and you'll be able to fund other things meanwhile.

Hmm, I'm not well-versed in estimating prices, but what you could do is browse eBay and see what used (and MIB) items like the ones you have sell for, to have references. You basically have most doll items then?

Things have been rather calm on this site lately, so maybe you will have to wait a bit before you get any offers.

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