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Pixietail Hair

By Lady LovelyLocks - Posted on 16 August 2013

I was just curious... When you have a Pixietail with bad hair etc...
How do you correct it or make it better? Thanks! Smiling

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This is how you get a good pixe - do step 1 wash its hair step 2 make a silky main pony tail then just put it in to a bun

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If it's very bad you can rinse the cream out with boiled water (hot!).
Just hold the clip and let the boiling water stream past/through the tail. That straitens the hair without sticking it together. You might want to wind the hair on a pencil and clip it on it to let it dry (to get curls)

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When a pixietail had really bad hair: I use a shampoo for colored hair and then abound of cream for hair (not just balm but cream) and leave posing for more than two minutes .. if it still does not recover after combed use quite a bit of shampoo after dyed hair, which is also in the kit to make the color at home (and it is very moisturizing) and leave for half an hour in the fold and recovers them quite well .. rinse them, wipe them with a towel, comb them and put them into the fold with a curler or hairpins drawing the bushing around the little finger Smiling then I leave on for three days waiting for the turn and take well to dry naturally Laughing out loud I hope my experience can help Laughing out loud

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