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LLL games you would want to be made?

By Mira - Posted on 06 August 2013

Having gotten my paws on more Seek & Peek game bits, it made me ponder other game possibilities, to be made!
(so LLL merchandise creators, perk your ears, please!)

The existing Lotto game is probably the closest to a Memo game right now?
But imagine all the named pixietails, made into a memo, that'd be really cool, no? Smiling

Any other game types you would like to see done in LLL verse style?

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please remake/ reissue lady lovely locks and the pixie tails seek and peek board game from 1987. my daughter loved it and i want to get one for my granddaughter. i can't find it on ebay (sold), amazon, or etsy. i don't know where else to find it. can you help me/ many thanks, jill worthington.

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I was just about to say I have seen it on Etsy, but now I saw it was sold there too..
They usually pop up every now and then, but lately they have been more and more rare, yes Sad
I'll be sure to keep an extra eye out though!

Or... would it be ok, should someone make a home made version, with own illustrations, that they offered for free so that others could print it out? Any illiustration/editing volounteers?

Hah, I just thought of a LLL Monopoly, but that might be taking things too far Sticking out tongue

Hm.. I still wonder if it'd be possible to make a digital app or nds game or other of this boardgame,
so that at least 2 persons can play at the same time, digitally. Of course, an actual video game would be even better though Smiling

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I have had dreams of shopping at Toy Conventions where I see Lady LovelyLocks and the Pixietails of all kinds! Things I never even thought of!

I am always grabbing as much as possible!!! Then I wake up with nothing... Lol ;/

I think it would be really neat to see something 3D or pop up in a game or book. :3

I always had fun playing Pretty Pretty Princess... I think it would be fun if LLL had her own version... except with pixietails, combs, brushes, anything that symbolizes Lady and her kingdom. Smiling

I know this is random but I always wished they has made LongCurl Dragon and ShinningGlory. Smiling

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*grins and pats*

Ohyes, like a 3D interactive storybook? Maybe some kind of excursion and solving mysteries here and there? ie, bigger plot with minor sidesplots? Maybe one could draw inspiration from videos/books and what not?
And naturally, gathering something for bonus along the way. Flowers perhaps? This could definitely work with today's iPad adventures..

I still wish for new chars/dolls to be included in the LLL verse, an Asian girl Smiling

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Lol! Yes I would love to see a 3D book!

I would love to see new characters as well, as long as they stay true to Lady LovelyLocks and the Pixietails. :3 That might be kind of fun to play with the idea and creating your own fan art. Laughing out loud

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Hi! My name is Kita. I am also a fan of LLL (and Peppermint Rose), too. There is an LLL anniversary coming soon (in 2017) and I have a project that I will continue working on for the LLL remake.

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A possible remake sounds exciting! I can't believe it's been almost 30 years......I hope there is something awesome in the works because I feel like this amazing cartoon has been under valued over the years and every girl I talk too my age remembers these characters and gets giddy remembering it =)

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From Kita.:

I have some earlier (updated) images of LLL, Fair Hair, Curly Crown, Ravenwaves, and some of the minor characters.:
LLL- Lady Lovely Locks by ~KitaW99Maiden Curly Crown by ~KitaW99 on deviantART
Wolkie by ~KitaW99Prince Strong Heart and Prince by ~KitaW99Astrid the New Hair-ione (Extra-Shiny) by ~KitaW99 on deviantART

I will have more key visuals and characters soon.

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Oops! Sorry about my images. I made a mistake and left out some of the characters that I mentioned. Sticking out tongue

Anywho, I will have all the characters/key visuals of the characters, soon. Smiling

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Hi Kita! Do you have more details about the 2017 Anniversary and project? When and how did you find out about the remake?
Thank you! Look forward to your response. Smiling

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