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Maiden CurlyCrown

Maiden CurlyCrown, loyal friend and companion of Lady LovelyLocks, is always ready for giggling good fun. Her lively imagination and love of life show through in everything she does from making up funny stories to combing out her hair in the most outrageous styles. Her pretty eyes are always alight with fun, and her bubbly energy and enthusiasm are an endless source of amusement to all who know her.

Although Maiden CurlyCrown is really very bright and intelligent, she sometimes gets so giddy that she has a hard time taking anything very seriously. If it looks like fun, she's the first to try something new, and this sometimes lead her to jump into things that anyone else might think twice about.

That's why Lady LovelyLocks gave this happy-go-lucky maiden the Curly Pixietails to keep an eye on her. Curly Pixietails have the special power to curl things up with their magical tails. They're also the fastest of all the Pixietails, which is a good thing to be if one wants to keep up with Maiden Curly Crown.


  • Maiden CurlyCrown's hobby is collecting insects.


  • "Everybody deserves a chance."
Kita's picture

In the new LLL remake, Maiden CurlyCrown's real name is "Flanagan"(it means red-haired/ruddy). Eye-wink

Elli's picture

I used to have this doll and I loved it!! She was the prettiest thing on earth for me. I also had the prince so naturally I paired the two up. Now I see he wasn't going for the ginger Sticking out tongue

miss inconceivabl's picture

i asked daddy when i was little which one i was Smiling he said this one, but i wanted to be lovelylocks Laughing out loud how lovely. Right now i just feel like saying; hi! I'm ricciolina Sticking out tongue my hair has its own personality, neurological system AND a separate identity.

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