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Please leave a message to let me know you stopped by and what you think about this website!

I hope you enjoyed your stay and that you will visit again soon!

Thank you! Smiling

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Hi Jasmine_x!

Just click on the "login" link at the top of the page and choose the "register" tab. That should work!

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I just adore your website, when I was young I loved Lady Lovely Locks and today me and my friends talked about it. So I went home and searched after some info and pics from my childhood favourite-cartoon and I found your site! I'ts really adorable, it really wakes up childhood memories! Smiling Keep up it up!

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Thanks Johanna, that's great to hear you and your friends still remember LLL!

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What about the mermaid character? Maiden goldenwaves I think??

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Hi there,

Just type "Maiden GoldenWaves" in the search box. There should be plenty of results coming up.

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Hello all. I'm so glad the site is back up and running. Great Job! ^^
Always looking forward to fellow Lady LovelyLocks Fans XD
Drop me a line!

Do not steal this image.

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I love your site, the images are just too cute! The layout and the colors are great too. I really enjoyed my visit and can't wait to visit again, keep up the good work! ^.^

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This is my first time visiting your site and I just wanted to say that it was wonderfully made. Better than many of the other sites I have visited!
While looking around the site, I didn't see the very "beginning" story of Lady Lovelylocks. When she was born, her parents, the destruction of the kingdom, meeting RavenWaves and mother, etc.. I have "The Beginning" storybook and I would like to contribute to your site. You might already have it and I might have missed it so I wanted to ask you first. I just got a scanner and will be able to scan every page of the book if you are interested.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply.

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Hi Diana!

Thanks a bunch for visiting my site! I've been working so hard on it! I only have the An Enchanting Fairy-Tale Adventure book that deals a bit with how it all started. If you have a different one, it would be great if you could scan it in! Or even if we're talking about the same book, I would absolutely love it if you could help me out. (I'm so terribly overworked right now!)

Hope to hear from you again!

~ Manon

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i was watching LLL the other day and we only have 1 video of it, so theres about 3 episodes on it and i was wondering what happened at the end of the season, if prince became human again or even if LLL realised that prince was once human?

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