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Sienn's picture

Hi there,

I love this site. I grew up with Lady LovelyLocks and I still treasure the toys I was given throughout my childhood. I've been impatiently waiting for some channel to rerun the series... they don't make things this beautiful anymore these days. Sad

Anyway, this website is a wonderful resource; I particularly love the gallery.

Keep up the great job!


liz broberg's picture

Great site!!!!! i have one movie from when i was a kid and my four little nieces LOVE this movie,...... they are asking about more movies or toys..... Do you know if people can still get these things some how? thank you very much GREAT SITE!!!!!!!

Webmistress's picture

Hi Liz!

Sure, just check the thread Where can I get LLL items?
for tips! Laughing out loud

Thanks for visiting! Smiling

Erin's picture

I used to love thses books when I was a little girl and my mom kept them all these years and now I have a little girl and my mom brought them down from the acctic and my daughter LOVES them!! I am trying to find whatever I can Lady LovelyLocks for her but it it really difficult. I wish there was some still in print or something.

Webmistress's picture

Hi Erin,

That's really great that you're sharing LLL with your daughter! Laughing out loud I also hope they will reprint the LLL books, or even better - bring LLL back someday like they're doing now with The Care Bears and My Little Pony, etc. Smiling

Prince Vastarien's picture

I'm new here, but I just had to say thanks for all your hard work in creating this site.
I had last seen this show when I was quite young, and had forgotten almost everything about it, except for a kind prince and a blind wizard that were cursed to remain inside a crystal unless a rainbow-haired princess was in danger. This site is great, and the fan art is impeccable! Truly some of the best I have seen anywhere. May your bandwidth never shrink!

Webmistress's picture

Thanks so much! Hope the site brought back some more memories!

Else Fjøsne's picture

Suddenly it just came to me: what ever happened to the fabulous Lady Lovely Locks? And then I came over this wonderful site! I LOVED Lady Lovely Locks when I was a little girl (I'm born in 1985). I went through my old stuff, and I found a tape with one of her adventures on it, in Norwegian (that's where I come from). In Norwegian the pixietails are called "lykkesvansene"- is'nt that sweet? Laughing out loud Just want to thank you for a wonderful website!

¤Else Fjøsne¤

Webmistress's picture

Gosh, I can't believe I didn't respond sooner! Thanks so much for sharing, and I'll add the info to the Pixietails page!

Guest's picture

Im obsessed with Lady Lovely Locks and I wanna be a site member!!
But I cant find where to sign up!!!
Please let me know Smiling

Love Jasmine_x

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