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Will she ever find out abot the prins will the meet as two humans i have the lady lovely locks dvd and 1 vhs but nobody show when his curse go away is there enny where i can read how the story ends ? and prince tell her he loves her as a man

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I loved lady lovelylox and I had a beadspread with her on it when I was a little girl. I don't know if my mom still has it but I think your website is great!
Thanks for all the hard work.

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Just found your page, fantastic. I came to think of Lady Lovely Locks this morning, I had a VHS with two episodes as a child, and all my friends had plastic pixies in their hair. Back then i thought it was kind of childish, but now I would love to put som pixietails in my hair!
Do you know where I can get some? Or a second.hand-page where it "easy" to get some? Or a poster, I would love a poster!!!!
please tell me if you know anything. Byee!

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I think you have great site here!! I just wanted to let ya'll know that i have a used Peachy Puff for sale on ebay. item #200214234884. have a great day!!!!

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Great site! It was nice to go back to the cheesier part of my childhood for half an hour. Thanks!

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Cool Laughing out loud I love Lady Lovely Locky and I saved my coloring book though the years! I like your site!

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Smiling Hi again Smiling

from time to time I visit your site ... I "love" lady lovely locks ...

take care

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I try and go to op shops when I remember and I always run to the video section to see if they have any LLL movies. Or dolls. Or anything. I've only found one video cassette, but I'll keep trying.

It's true......
We're all a little insane....

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Smiling What are "op shops"? Where are they? Smiling

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Smiling Op shops are the same as Thrift shops. You know, second hand clothing, DVD's, books, shoes...etc

I just call them op shops. I think they stand for Oppertunity Shops.

Excuse the spelling. I think they're the same as Thrift Shops..

It's true......
We're all a little insane....

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