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I think a good happy ending to the storybooks or to the cartoon would have been that Ravenwaves discovers that Hairball was enchanted as a young man and turned into the hairy beast he is (or, in the storybooks, the old wizard). Then, when a situation came up that showed that Ravenwaves actually cared about him, or, if he did a really good turn for her, like cared for her when she was seriously ill, he would change back into a young man, and they could live happily ever after. The question is, would they continue to cause mayhem for LLL and friends, or would they just settle down and fix Tangleland up?

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I was reading the transcripts and summaries for the audiotapes and found that they really took this Lady Lovelylocks idea and ran with it! I mean, Ravenwaves actually trying to *poison* Lovelylocks and the prince???? Ravenwaves staging the kidnapping of Lovelylocks' daughter and Lovelylocks on the verge of *death* because of that? Then you have Ravenwaves sending out Hairball to take away most of the fruits of her subjects' labor. Nasty, and much different from the lighthearted American (Canadian?) television show in which the Duchess has some sense of fair play.

Regarding the last audiotape: I wonder if when the Duchess' castle starts falling down because she removes a pillar, she get squished in it.

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I remember watching Lady Lovely Locks and other great cartoons from my childhood.
Lady Lovely Locks was one of my 3 favourite shows.
I always remember this one episode when Lady Lovely Locks was doing the spring cleaning and another when the Prince was actually evil (or something to that effect).

To the good times.

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If the admin may add these to the characters' sites I'd be very happy =)

Lady LovelyLocks = Aranyfürt Királykisasszony
Maiden CurlyCrown = Bodroska Hercegnő
Pixietails = Fürtöcskék
Duchess RavenWaves = Hollófürt
HairBall = Torzonborz

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Smiling I absolutely loved Lady Lovely Locks when I was young. Its nice to see that there are people that still remember her. It's too bad they don't have anything similar to this back out on TV. Thank you so much for the website.

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LOL-- I need everyones help... I loved Duchess Ravenwaves as much as the next... But so much, My daughters name is Raven... I would love if someone could help me locate the doll and some pictures as I played with these dolls. Also, to the webmistress... I would love if you could help me locate some of the wee lil miss dolls. I had the sleepover doll and the ballerina. I almost had the horse, but it always seemed to be broken when we purchased it... Bothersome. But I would love to have these vintage toys to put up on a shelf for my girl. And trying to bypass auctions on ebay is not so easy. Oh, and can you tell me what DRW's pixie tails were... ( I am hoping for bats, as they are my favorite animal.)

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Coco-Raven, I doubt you'll ever see this but I'll give it a shot... I have two wee lil miss dolls in excellent condition that I'm currently trying to sell (that's how I found this post, they don't seem to sell on ebay so I was trying to find a venue to sell them). I don''t know the names but I can send you pictures. One is dressed in a yellow bathing suit/skirt which appears to be beach themed. The other is dressed in all pink and has a big pink plastic bow on top of her head. I don't know if they have all the original accessories, but if not they have most (plastic camera, plastic wrist corsage, necklace, hairbow etc.) I'm located in Australia - don't know where you are - but I'm after $20 Australian for each of them plus postage (am I dreaming? quite possibly, haha...)
Anyway, drop me a line here if you're interested and I'll communicate with photo's, more info etc.

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Hi! thank you so much for this website! l have been a fan of lady lovelylocks for a couple of years and I was wondering, other than ebay, where would l find more of the lady lovelylocks merchandise? too have a coilection!

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I love the website!!! I have been collecting LLL for a few years now, and your website has provided a lot of info! I wonder if we could lobby to get a company to pick up LLL again, I would love to have new cartoons! Well, thanks again!

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The website is great! I think we all find comfort in the things we've cherished once. Thank you!
Love from Sweden

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