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Please leave a message to let me know you stopped by and what you think about this website!

I hope you enjoyed your stay and that you will visit again soon!

Thank you! Smiling

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I probably should have known your name, lol.
Very nice to see you're still interested.


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Hello, I'm from Italy and I love this website, because there are a lot of wonderful images and informations about Lady Lovely's world. I collect every LLL item and she is a character I have loved since I was a child. I hope to complete my collection Eye-wink

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Hey I am just curious does Prince ever turn back into a human? I never saw all the episodes when i was a kid

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He does in the German Audiotapes, he and lady Lovelylocks even get married and have a daughter, it's somewhere on this site Eye-wink

In the episode "the cruel pretender" the prince gets to be human for a second or two to safe Lady. He's a lot more blond there then the doll.

He's also human within Shiningglory's castle.

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I love this site!! It's everything I love: The comics, wallpaper, audio plays, animated series, dolls, etc. I just got into Lady Lovely Locks earlier this year by watching it on youtube with my friend. Awesome show!! I may even host a Lady Lovely Locks party soon...

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Would anyone be willing to part with any of their old LLL comics in any language? I can't find them on E-bay. The scans of the comics you have put up here are charming, particularly the German ones.

If you want to keep your comics, that's cool, but do you know of anyone who sells these online? I saw a U.K. site that sells just the first issue, but I think that may have been scanned on here already.

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I have some double Dutch magazines if you're interested?

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I was beggining to think I was the only one that remembered these wonderful dolls. I never watched the cartoons but I did have the coloring books and all the dolls and pixie tails. I still have them all carefully packed away my little girls aren't careful with things yet they are only four and two though so there is some hope yet for them to enjoy my collection. I am so excited to find other people that loved these as much I as I did and do. They do not make nice dolls like this anymore which is unfortunate. Thankyou so much for bringing back wonderful memories.a

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Hi all!
Wow ! This site is amazing. It brought back so many memories from my childhood. My grandma had the LLL VHS, and when ever I stayed at her place i would watch it constantly! i feel sorry for putting my grandparents thought it, but it was totally worth it!

I have to say the Duchess was my favorite (im a brunette as well)! But my heart really belongs to the Pixietails!

Well done again on making such a great site, and helping me to relive childhood memories. Now i know what I can get my 3 year old niece for christmas!


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Hi! Just thought I'd write a little note and tell you what a good job you've done with this site. Nice to see there's a great site about this lovely cartoon.

I used to watch it as a child and even had some of the dolls. Alot of the dolls and playsets were available here in Sweden, and several episodes of the cartoon were available on VHS, and I noticed that they were recently released on DVD aswell.

But nowadays Jem and the Holograms is the thing for me when it comes to cartoons. I even have a site about them, check it out at

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