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I would like to sell my LadyLovelyLocks Enchanted Bedroom Code 3839. Mint in original box. Is there anyone interested?

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I am from Austria and I have some things from Lady Lockenlicht for sale.

Is anyone interested? Please write an email.


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Hello, could you write me what are you selling? Thanks a lot Smiling
My Mail is

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i am from the netherlands and i have a panini book completed anyone interested?

greetz jo

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Hi! It's Kita, again to let you know that your site is awesome. Smiling

And I am also excited about telling American Greetings about the LLL 30th anniversary remake (that will be included with the PR (Peppermint Rose 25th anniversary remake, too). And Jack Olester is on your website, too. That's really awesome! Laughing out loud

No worries. I will have more information/cool characters from the new LLL, once I get a ton of fan support.

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That sounds great, but I'm a little confused. Is the remake a fan project or are you going to pitch it to American Greetings to make it official? Either way, I'd love to hear more about it. *adds fan support*

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Awww! Thanks. Smiling


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Is there going to be a remake? That could be interesting.
I really hope they'll finally release a Hairball and Shiningglory doll. I really miss those.

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Speaking of remakes and dolls, I once dreamed the Maiden GoldenWaves doll was reissued with a different color scheme. Her dress and the streaks in her hair were dark pink or burgundy instead of blue. I wasn't sure I liked it, but the effect was oddly intriguing.

And Duchess RavenWaves had a new dress, but with her usual color scheme. It had a huge upstanding collar, a bit like Tyco's Sea Fashion Ariel, and the sleeves were multiple layers of overlapping fabric like those on her normal skirt. She looked really witchy that way.

My dreams don't have a habit of coming true though, haha! Eye-wink

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Fabulous and inspirational.

As the creator of the Lady Lovely Locks animated series and writer of all episodes for Mattel and American Greetings, this site is a delight for me. So wonderful to see the fans here and the level of enthusiasm.


Jack Olesker, CEO
for 24/7 Productions, Inc.

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