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Bernard Deyriès

Executive Producer:
Andy Heyward

Andy Heyward
Tetsuo Katayama

Associate Producer:
Brian A. Miller

Unit Directors:
Katsumi Endo
Masayuki Kojima
Yasuo Ishikawa

Production Supervisor:
Winnie Chaffee

Production Managers:
Shigeru Akagawa
Hiroshi Toita

Production Assistants:
Hatsue Abe
Minoru Terao
Christopher Hammond
Kazuko Yamamoto
Margaret Payne
William A. Ruiz
Chris Takami

Executive Creative Consultant:
Cassandra Chafhausen

Creative Coordinator:
Kaaren Brown

Creative Supervisor:
Robby London

Those Characters From Cleveland

Executive Consultants:
Jack Chojnacki
Harvey Levin

Character Development Supervisors:
Linda Edwards
Tom Schneider
Ralph Shaffer

Character Developers:
Maria Gamiere (the great LLL artist!)
Diane Kamm (better known for Care Bears)
Ingrid Koepgke
Rochelle Lulow (editor/writer for American Greetings)
Cindy Moyer
Laura Williams


Jean Chalopin
Howard R. Cohen
Jody Miles Conner
Phil Harnage
Susan J. Leslie
Jack Olesker
Jeff Rose

Story Editor:
Jack Olesker

Script Coordinator:
Lori Crawford


Pre-Production Animators:
Michael Kaweski
Greg Bailey
Herve Bedard

Character Designers:
Eric Rock
Mathew Bates

Background Designers:
Enzo Baldi
Ron Harris
Vladimir Spasojevic

Background Artists:
Kyoko Nakayama
Kazumi Hiromoto
Katsunobu Sugiyama
Fumio Sakano
Nobuhito Sakamoto

Color Styling:
Tricia Piascik-Getz
Sanae Ishikawa
Tina Bigham
Hiroshi Kataoka
Shizuko Iwasaki
Fumiko Wada
Makiko Watanabe
Ritsuko Endo

Camera Direction:
Katsumi Ohta
Tatsuya Sekiguchi

Eiko Nishide
Tatsunoko Production


Voice Talents:
Jeannie Elias (Maiden FairHair, Pixiebeauty, Snags)
Brian George (ShiningGlory, Hairball, Pixieshine, Tanglet)
Danny Mann (Prince StrongHeart, Comb Gnome)
Louise Vallance (Maiden CurlyCrown, Duchess RavenWaves)
Tony St. Vincent (Lady LovelyLocks, Pixiesparkle)

Dialogue Editors:
William Ross
Kerry Hall
John Harris

Supervising Sound Editor:
Richard Bruce Elliott

Sound Effects Editor:
Richard S. Gannon

Assistant Editor:
Theresa Gilroy

Sound Effects:
Zound FX

Re-Recording Mixer:
Jim Hudson

Shuki Levy
Haim Saban

Supervising Music Editor:
Marty Wereski


"ACES" (Animation City Editorial Services)

Executives In Charge Of Post-Production:
Thierry P. Laurin
Mark M. Galvin

Post-Production Coordinators:
Greg LaPlante
Karen Rosenbloom

Videotape Supervisor:
Phil R. Defibaugh

Videotape Supervisor Assistant:
V. Kim Latimer

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found this on a site called OnlyShoujo! - screengrabs of the credits at the end. Doesn't give all of them - but a good portion. Hope this helps:
Le Sigle TV

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I just readed the credits and I can't believe that I meet one of the background designers of the TV series! His name is Enzo Baldi and his a friend of my old boss Alvaro Arce (One of the storyboard artits of My Little Pony Series and one of the creators of Scooby Doo). I'm a lucky one! Don't you?

Webmistress's picture

Wow, that's way cool! Do you work at a cartoon studio or something?

Niaroche's picture

Sure, I'm an animator and I'm working for an animation studio at Chile, South America. (Even those two artits are chilean too) That's why I keep intact my child spirit throught the years.

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Yay! Maybe you'll enjoy my future storylines! Future writer and artist of a series" Burning Temple Phoenix' and Enchantment Royale' I am glad to meet an animator. I'm going to manga first. Then if people like it' I'm on my way!!!

As in luck, I don't believe in it. I do believe that you're tremendiously blessed!! Laughing out loud Keep it up!! And I do hope they put the LLL series on dvd for the world to enjoy. Don't the fans deserve it?

Peace all!!! Cool P.s Have I asked or request you on buddy list from here?

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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