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  • Reply to: NEW Lady LovelyLocks Wiki   11 weeks 13 hours ago


    If you still need help, I'd love to. I have all dolls MIB (except for EI Curlycrown), most loose as well, all playsets MIB or bought MIB and have lots of merchandise too.

  • Reply to: lady lovelocks party items   11 weeks 13 hours ago

    The merchandise isn't for sale on this site, it's more a guide to what was once sold in stores, like the dolls are too. You can try Ebay, but there's nothing produced new, all is vintage collectibles Eye-wink

  • Reply to: NEW Lady LovelyLocks Wiki   19 weeks 2 days ago

    I have some itemes u dont have. Facebook is the best way to get in Contact with me. Rebecka Tano

  • Reply to: Comb Gnomes   19 weeks 5 days ago

    In Swedish, they were called Kam Troll. And for some reason which I recently noticed when watching the show in English is that the Comb Gnomes are female! In the Swedish version they are somehow male!

  • Reply to: NEW Lady LovelyLocks Wiki   25 weeks 5 days ago

    What a great job you have done!
    Iam also a collector but I am also missing a couple of things..
    Maybe I have some of the items so we can get the pictures up?
    I live in Sweden.... heres a link to some of my collection... i have found more since I took the pictures.... I have a album on FB search for beckazin

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